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The C2 kit is designed to efficiently dissipate heat from two ASIC miners and has a streamlined design, making it easier to use and more reliable. This kit is optimized for competitive pricing and is suitable for both home and office users.


Quiet & Energy saving

The sound of this Tank is less than 50dB, the dry cooler is deployed outdoors, the sound is less than 70dB, and the energy-saving operation state is almost silent.

Stable running & Overclocking

Stable and long-term running with little maintenance.
With sufficient cooling capacity, mainstream miners can be overclocked by 20-50%.

ONE investment, DOUBLE returns

Lower average cost, Easy to integrate the home solar system, ideal for heating

Compared to C1

Completely redesigned, more than 30 details re-engineered, user experience improved

  • Leakage Protection

  • Universal Wheels

  • Thermal Flow Optimization

  • Fluids Unloading Bolt

  • Higher Load


Specifications C2 Box:

Outer Size:542(L)*460(W)*522(H) mm
Inner Size:315(L)*423(W)*405(H) mm
Input Voltage:200-240V 50/60Hz
Display:1.32" OLED Screen
Coolant Volume:70L
Power:240W (Max)
Warranty:1 Year


Specifications Dry Cooler:

Size:980(L)*298(W)*531(H) mm
Input Voltage:200-240V 50/60Hz
Power:440W (Max)
Cooling Capacity:12kW@35°C


Automatic Adjustment


Immersion Mining Kit C2

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    available soon
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