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The C1 is an all-in-one immersion cooling kit designed for a single ASIC miner, suitable for both home and office use. This kit can accommodate one mining machine.


Low noise

Compared with the noise of 80dBA, C1 is more suitable for home mining.


Overclocking benefits and energy saving

Mainstream miners can be overclocked by 20-50%.

Better power efficiency compared to air cooling.

IoT sensors and smart monitoring

IoT sensors help to monitor the running status, Temperature monitoring,

Liquid detection, Miner protection, Fault alarm

Compatible with most ASIC miner models

Including BTC, ETH, LTC, KDA, CKB, HNS miners and more.


Specifications C1 Box:

Outer Size:410(L)*400(W)*475(H) mm
Inner Size:320(L)*210(W)*370(H) mm
Input Voltage:200-240V 50/60Hz
Display:1.32" OLED Screen
Coolant Volume:26-30L
Warranty:1 Year


Specifications Dry Cooler:

Size:570(L)*310(W)*530(H) mm
Input Voltage:200-240V 50/60Hz
Max Capacity:4300W@30°C
Inlet and Outflow Temperature:60/40°C

Immersion Mining Kit C1

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