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-The Immersion Cooling Suite C6 supports 6 ASICs inside

-Multiple models of Antminer, Whatsminer and Avalon


-Smart Adjustment

21kW@38°C / 24kW@35°C / 28kW@33°C

-Incorporates a standard water mist for enhanced heat dissipation, maintaining efficiency even in environments as hot as 42℃.


-Streamlined design that eliminates the need for secondary heat exchange methods, relying solely on oil
-A convenient all-in-one configuration, combining a single tank with a dry cooler, requiring only the installation of tubing and wiring.


-Equipped with built-in EC motors that automatically adapt fan speed in response to changes in ambient temperature, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.


C6 Tank:

Outer Size1185(L)*530(W)*760(H)mm
Inner Size912(L)*404(W)*355(H)mm


Coolant Volume200L
Cycle ModeSingle Loop
Input Voltage:Single-Phase200-240V 50/60Hz
Power Usage850W(220V 50Hz)
Electrical Interface



C6 Dry Cooler:

Outer Size1680(L)*400(W)*1015(H)mm
Input Voltage:Single-Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Power Usage10-1400W(220V 50Hz)
Cooling Capacity




Immersion Cooling Suite C6


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